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Coronavirus Information for DEX Property Guardians

property guardians coronavirus

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis and taking advice from government resources and guardianship experts.

Our first priority is to ensure that our staff and customers remain safe, whilst adhering to public health advice.

We are aware that we play a critical role in keeping properties and guardians safe and secure, especially at this unprecedented time. As a result we would like to reassure clients and guardians that we are still open for business.

Although we are remaining open, our priority is that everyone remains safe. As a result, all DEX office staff are now working from home until further notice.

To contact any member of the DEX Team during office hours, please call 07717 072577 and you will be directed to the correct contact.

For emergency out of hours assistance please continue to call the main office number, 0800 0855 994. You will hear an answerphone message, giving further instructions.

This is an evolving situation and information is changing daily. For the most up-to-date and accurate advice on the coronavirus outbreak please refer the following government and NHS websites:

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DEX Brave The Cold For Our Charity Partner, LandAid


On one of the coldest nights of the year, 4 hardy members of the DEX team took to the streets of London, to take part in the famous property sleepout, to show DEX’s continued support for youth homeless charity, LandAid.

The event saw over 300 property professionals, supplied with just a cardboard box, brave the cold overnight at the Oval cricket ground, London. Before bedding down, the DEX team listened to humbling talks, including that of George O’Neil, Chief Executive of the Cardinal Hume Centre. George talked about the impact LandAid funds were making to them, providing safe homes for vulnerable young people across the capital.

Of course, this event doesn’t come close to replicating the harsh reality of having to sleep rough, it does offer a chance to stand in solidarity with homeless individuals, raising funds and awareness of the issues too many young people face.

Rogier Donkersloot, Managing Director of DEX Property Management and one of the DEX Sleepout volunteers said “The event was a real eye-opener. I was slightly apprehensive beforehand, given the snow flurries we had in the morning, but I knew we were well prepared. It was an extremely cold evening, but I am aware it is nothing compare to what many young people have to face on a daily basis. As a company, we were delighted to raise close to £1,500 for LandAid, which is an amazing charity that we are very proud to support.”


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Winter Responsibilities for Property Guardians

secure empty property for winter

Dark days, early nights and extreme winter weather mean extra responsibility for property guardians over the colder months. We caught up with the two newest members of DEX’s Property Management Team, Kate and Jason, and asked them a series of questions, specifically related to securing Property Guardian buildings during winter….

Q: Our property has a big garden, what do I need to do to maintain it over the winter months?

A: Generally, gardens look after themselves in the colder months as plants don’t grow as rapidly, but there are a number of things Guardians should do to make sure the garden is ‘winter ready’. Trees surrounding property should really be cut back as they could damage the property in bad weather and I would encourage Guardians to call the Property Management team if there are any around their property. Fences can fall over in strong winds, so we recommend making sure everything is secure and sturdy and that smaller items, such as garden furniture, are safely stored away too.

Q: Last year we noticed water on the inside of our windows and the place smelt a little damp. What can we do to stop it this year?

A: Interior condensation occurs on the inside of windows and it happens in the winter when the warm air inside the house condenses on the cold windows. It’s a common issue, but there are many small changes Property Guardian to reduce the problem;

  • Ensure the house is ventilated
  • If it isn’t too cold, open the windows for short periods
  • Move houseplants away from the window, as they can produce moisture
  • Use extractor fans if available
  • Keep bathroom and kitchen doors closed

If a Guardian notices condensation, it’s important to try and take these precautionary steps, as if the problem goes untreated it could lead to mould forming. If the problem continues, DEX can provide moisture eliminators or dehumidifiers.

Q: The property we live is pretty old, are there any extra measures we should be taking when the temperature drops?

A: Make sure the property is wind and watertight by checking the exterior of the property. Guardians should look for broken or missing tiles, overflowing guttering or cracks in the walls. These can all lead to water getting into the property, older properties are more susceptible to leaks and they can result in more serious or structure issues. If leaks are identified the property management team should be notified immediately. Keep an eye out for damp, again older properties can be more susceptible. Making sure the property is well ventilated and that the heating is in regularly use can help reduce the problem.

Q: I heard that property related crime levels tend to increase over the winter, what extra security measures we should be taking?

A: Darker evenings and shorter days mean properties are more susceptible to crime in the winter months, than at any other time of the year. As a Guardian there are a few simple steps that can be made to improve security levels. Put lights are on in the property during the evening, to ensure the property looks visibility lived in. Having Property Guardians living in the property is the biggest deterrent to criminals, especially if the building has been empty previously. Ideally a Property Guardian would be in the property throughout the day and evening and obviously have all doors and windows locked and secure at all times.

If you are a DEX Property Guardian and you have any questions relating to property management or maintenance issues please contact the team directly on 0800 0855 994 or email
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London Hotspots Where Property Guardians Save over 50% on Monthly Accommodation Costs

cheap rent london

Revealed: The London hotspots where property guardians are saving up to 60% on monthly accommodation costs

It’s no secret that rising accommodation costs in the UK’s capital have long been pricing millennials, keyworkers, and first time buyers saving for a mortgage out of London. Many are moving out of the capital to Kent, Surrey and the surrounding areas, but what’s the alternative if you want to find cheap rent in London?

Recent research by DEX Property Management reveals that one solution could be living as a property guardian. With shops and public buildings closing at an alarming rate, disused properties are being transformed across the city in to habitable living spaces in some of London’s most sought after postcodes. Property guardians pay a licensing fee as opposed to a traditional rent in order to live in empty residential or commercial properties. In return, they help to keep buildings secure and deter antisocial behaviour and squatters in London communities.

Property Guardians Save over 50% on their average monthly housing costs…

In trendy Camden, individuals can expect to pay up to 50% more on their average monthly housing cost than those living as property guardians. The areas of West London, Shepherds Bush and Marylebone also saw property guardianship offering licensing fees of up to 57% less than traditional monthly accommodation costs. One of the largest savings found by DEX was in business district Canary Wharf. Thanks to the area’s plethora of luxury apartments, those living as part of a guardianship agreement were found to save up to 61% on the cost of accommodation.*

There are a number of benefits to living as a property guardian. Guardianship allows people to live affordably in some of the UK’s major towns and cities where they otherwise could not afford to live in a central location. This has enabled first time buyers to save and many workers to live close to where they work, removing the costly commute to the capital.

The research conducted also revealed figures for places in the North West of the city, as well as the South East of London. Two areas which play home to a couple of the most iconic music venues in London; The o2 arena and Wembley Stadium also revealed interesting savings. In Greenwich, the average monthly standard room price was almost £845.55, compared to a typical guardian licensing fee of under £437.50 per month. In Wembley, rooms were found to be an average of almost £729.44 compared with guardian fees of £395 per calendar month.*

[button url=”” text=”infographic: Average Monthly Guardian Room Prices vs Private Sector Costs”]


Looking for cheap rent London?

To find out more about guardianship in London, please visit or email your enquiry to


*Average cheap rent London rental room prices from Spare room. Guardian prices from industry research conducted by DEX Property Management
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Head Property Guardians’ Pizza Night

Head Property Guardian Pizza Night

Living in a house share property brings with it lots of perks, but at the same time having multiple house mates can sometimes create a few tensions. In order to keep our house shares running smoothly and harmoniously, we often place Head Property Guardians into properties. Head Guardians take on additional responsibilities, they liaise closely with DEX’s Guardian Management Team, reporting any issues promptly and assists with monthly inspections of the site.

Head Guardians are experienced Property Guardians, they have normally been with DEX for a few years, building up a good relationship with DEX’s Guardian Management Team. The work they do for us is incredibly valuable, they are our eyes and ears in our larger properties and in order for the relationship to work smoothly it is key that good communication is maintained.

That is why we have started to hold Head Guardian meet ups, where we can discuss any issues, review Head Guardian duties and air any ongoing concerns. The first was held at the end on June over pizza and wine in central London and a great time was had by all. Head Guardians and members of DEX’s Guardians and Property Management teams were present and it was great for everyone to get to know each other and catch up in an informal setting.

We are always looking for Head Guardians as we get more large house share properties. If you feel you are an experienced Property Guardian, ready to take the next in securing and protecting empty property then let a member of the DEX Guardian Management Team know – we would love to have you along at our next meet up!

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