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For over 10 years DEX Property Management has been at the forefront of the empty property industry. We transform otherwise empty buildings into comfortable, sustainable and affordable living spaces for local people and key workers to live and thrive in. In return our guardians care for and secure property for owners and the wider community. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable and low cost solution for both guardians and property owners.

Our History

DEX Property Management was founded in 2009 in the UK by Rogier Donkersloot from the Netherlands – the home of property guardianship.

Since its formation, DEX has built a rich history in helping councils, dioceses, housing associations and NHS trusts to make use of vacant properties. DEX now works with more than 50% of the G15 housing associations and 1 in 3 London councils.

Still have some questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions if you still have some questions around property guardianship and if its right for you.
Or speak to a member of our team – they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.