Case Study – Council Turns Risk into Revenue

London Council uses Property Guardians to mitigate empty property risks. Every empty property, whether residential, commercial or industrial is vulnerable to the risk of squatting, vandalism & unreported maintenance issues, as well as incurring high costs to board up or… Read more

Infographic: Who Are Property Guardians

Compiled from data of members of the Property Guardian Providers Association (the PGPA), whose membership manage some 80% of the sector, the census supplies information on Guardian Housing, the number of Guardians, their age range, occupations, length of stay and… Read more

Case Study – Housing Association Decant

Housing Association Decant Process – A Smooth Transition Implementing a managed decant strategy can be a complex & sensitive process. Property Guardians help Housing Associations manage the decant project in an efficient, timely & fair manner. Using DEX Guardian’s allows… Read more