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NHS Trust Secures Empty Hospital Using Property Guardians

Leaving a closing hospitals empty in residential areas can create an eyesore for the local community & attract antisocial behaviour. This NHS trust appointed DEX’s property guardians to protect & secure the premises in return for a safe & affordable housing.



As part of a national NHS restructure, a local foundation trust needed to close a residential mental health unit. Located in a suburban area of Basingstoke, that was close to the main hospital, the trust wanted to ensure the property was well maintained & didn’t attract anti-social behaviour while it was empty.

The trust appointed DEX property guardians to move into the building, to secure & maintain the property, in return for affordable accommodation.

Property guardians were able to offer round the clock security at zero cost to the NHS Foundation Trust. They were able to offer a flexible solution, where access & storage on the site could easily be facilitated & they could provide the trust with revenue stream while the building was being repurposed.


DEX prepared the building for guardians, installing temporary showers, kitchen facilities & white goods to ensure the properties covered the necessary HMO requirements.

DEX ensured the property met all health & safety requirements & that necessary inspections & certifications were in place.

This was all done at zero cost to the client & guardians were able to move into & secure the property within 10 working days.


DEX property guardians secured the building for nearly 5 years. Throughout that time guardians ensure the property remained visibility occupied, acting as a deterrent against anti-social behaviour.

Throughout the process DEX guardians were able to provide constant access to the site, & the NHS trust were able to use designated areas of the building for storage. Unused rooms were able to store beds, side tables & other NHS furniture to help manage demand during the covid pandemic.

When the time came to hand back the property, DEX Property Management were able to provide vacant possession within 30 days.


Property guardians provided an effective & flexible 24/7 security solution at zero cost to the NHS Foundation Trust.

Instead of paying for expensive, traditional security, property guardians were able to provide the trust with revenue stream per guardians in situ.

DEX guardians ensured all antisocial behaviour was prevented & that the building was secure & well maintained throughout – benefitting the local community.

An affordable rental solution was provided to 58 property guardians over a 5 year period, including to many local NHS staff.



Since its formation over 12 years ago, DEX Property Management has been at the forefront of the empty property management industry, building a rich history in helping commercial entities & other property owners including; councils, dioceses, housing associations & NHS trusts make use of vacant properties.

DEX is now the trusted property guardian provider for over 50% of the G15 housing associations & 1 in 3 London councils.