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Benefits of Guardianship

DEX Property Management is committed to creating inspiring and affordable spaces for property guardians to live and thrive in.
Our guardians benefit from quality, affordable housing in desirable locations, whilst contributing to the wider community.

Huge Cost Savings

One of the main benefits of becoming a property guardian is the money that you can save on your cost of living. Compared to traditional renting, property guardians usually save in excess of 50% on their housing costs, but there are other monthly savings that guardians can also benefit from. Many of our shared properties are inclusive of utility bills and council tax, saving money and making it easier to budget. Finding affordable property in central locations, closer to places of work, means guardians often save money on their monthly cost of commuting too.

Amazing Locations

Given that DEX licence fees are significantly cheaper than local rental prices, Guardians can afford to live in normally expensive, desirable locations, such as city centres for much less money. Our guardians live in some amazing locations, closer to their work or family, at a fraction of the market rate.

Interesting Properties

The buildings that property guardians protect are incredibly varied and can be anything that is suitable to be used or converted into appropriate accommodation.

Our traditional shared properties offer communal living, in buildings ranging from old schools, pubs, stately homes, churches and even police stations, but we also have a range of self-contained houses, flats and studios.

Larger Living Space

Many of our shared properties benefits from having large communal spaces and gardens. Our creative guardians often transform these areas into communal hubs, complete with ping pong tables, cinema rooms and even art and yoga studios.

Growing Community

DEX property guardians enjoy living with like-minded individuals and are part of a growing guardian community. We carefully and extensively vet all our guardians, resulting in a socially responsible, professional and trusted community. To help keep our larger, shared buildings running smoothly we have Head Guardians in place and we encourage of guardians to give back to their communities through voluntary work and incentives.

Restoring Property

Property Guardianship gives empty properties a new purpose by turning them into homes for community-minded people. Instead of standing empty and boarded up, property is given a new lease of life, which has a positive impact on the whole community.


Property guardianship offers a more flexible living arrangement than traditional renting. Guardians operate under a licence agreement, meaning both parties can terminate the agreement with 28 days’ notice. This gives Guardians a level of flexibility that traditional renting doesn’t.

If Guardians wish to carry on being a Guardian when their property is handed back, DEX will help find an alternative, low cost, property to secure.

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