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Manned Guarding Services

Welcome to Dex Property Management’s Manned Guarding services, where we prioritise the protection of your property through our dedicated team of specialists. Our comprehensive approach to security ensures that your vacant buildings are safeguarded against potential threats such as crime, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour.

Effective and Visible Security

Manned guarding is a highly effective and visible on-site security solution. Our vetted security guards are strategically placed within your property, providing a formidable deterrent to criminal activities. This proactive approach helps prevent incidents like vandalism, squatting, and anti-social behaviour.

Efficient Deployment

Our team is trained, vetted, and ready for rapid deployment. We understand the urgency of securing your property promptly, and our streamlined process ensures that your needs are met with speed and efficiency.

Protection Against Risks

Empty properties are at an increased risk of various threats, including squatters, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour. Our manned guarding services are designed to eliminate these risks promptly, offering you peace of mind and confidence that your property is in safe hands.

Key Features of Our Manned Guarding Service

National Reach

We provide nationwide coverage, ensuring that your properties across the country receive the same high level of protection and security.

Trained Staff

Our security staff are well-trained professionals, equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle diverse security challenges.

Tailored and Reliable Service

We understand that every property is unique. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we are committed to delivering a reliable and consistent service. We provide detailed reports to keep you informed about the security status of your property and we take pride in protecting all properties with dedication and professionalism.

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