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Case Study – Housing Association Decant

Housing Association Decant

Housing Association Decant Process – A Smooth Transition

Implementing a managed decant strategy can be a complex & sensitive process. Property Guardians help Housing Associations manage the decant project in an efficient, timely & fair manner. Using DEX Guardian’s allows for a smooth & more flexible transition to deliver vacant
possession of the property.

Our results of Property Guardianship speak for themselves. Here’s just one example:

  • Cost to Property Owner: ZERO
  • Housing Association’s potential Saving: £120,000 PA
  • Security Service Provided: Property Guardians

Read more details on how DEX helped our G15 client achieve a smooth decant transition at ZERO cost to the Housing Association.


Our client, a G15 Housing Association, came to us in 2016 with a large housing block, comprising of 18, 1-3 bedroom flats. The property was due to go through a decant process as new plans had been put forward for new use for the site.

Property Guardians were the chosen method to secure the property, as they could back fill the property throughout the decant process & give the Housing Association more flexibility in providing notice for vacant possession.


Following an inspection, by a DEX Account Manager, it was established that the properties themselves required minimal work, as the facilities were already in situ. DEX did, however, ensure that the property was meeting its health & safety requirements & ensured that the necessary certification was in place.

Given the scale of works were minimal, DEX had the gas engineer certify the gas certificate within the day & had Guardians ready to move in within 24 hours.


Guardians were able to move in as tenants were rehoused. Although the property is now fully decanted it remains under DEX’s management, as the process of selling the building is being finalised.

The property is currently in the final stages of being sold & DEX have been facilitating the transfer of the property throughout this process, enabling a more efficient selling process.

In addition, DEX have been able to offer a transferring service to the property’s future owners, ensuring the property remains protected until its new use is complete. As all Guardians sign a licence to occupy, they hold no tenancy rights & the property will remain on a monthly rolling contract until the new client is ready to redevelop the site.


Once taking over the property DEX were able to reach 100% occupancy within 1 day. Throughout the selling process, DEX have been able to provide constant access to the property, which has helped facilitate a faster sale of the site.

Property Guardians have ensured the property has remained in meaningful use & that the site is secure & well maintained. The property will remain protected by DEX Guardians until the new owners are ready to redevelop through DEX’s transferring service. DEX will then hand the property back, fully vacant, within 28 days.

All of this was achieved at zero cost to the Housing Association. Compared to traditional security costs it is estimated that the Housing Association could have made savings in excess of £120,000 pa.

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