There are thousands of vacant properties across the UK. They are often in desirable locations, such as city centres and range from houses and flats through to churches, office blocks and libraries.


The reason they might be vacant varies, but often they are waiting to be sold or for planning permission. DEX Property Management brings these buildings back into meaningful use, benefitting the whole community. By simply living there Guardians protect the property for the Owner and in return receive a great place to live and low cost accommodation.


How it Works

Guardianship provides affordable and flexible accommodation whilst ensuring vacant properties are protected and kept in meaningful use.

DEX Guardians are given a room within a property at a great price, and often in a fantastic location. By simply living there you are securing the property for the landlord. You benefit from flexible and low cost housing and the Property Owner knows their property is cared for and lived in.

DEX Property Management has a number of in-house teams to assist if any problems arise – we are always on hand.

Want to find out more? Download our DEX Property Guardian brochure.

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Advantages of Property Guardianship

As a DEX Property Guardian you will experience a number of benefits compared to renting with a traditional letting agency.

  • Huge savings on your living cost
  • Flexible living arrangements – we require just 28 days notice
  • Fantastic locations across the UK
  • Interesting properties to secure
  • Restoring empty properties back into meaningful use
  • Live with like minded Guardians and become part of a growing Guardian community


What Being a DEX Property Guardian Means

Becoming a DEX Guardian means you will be trusted to look after your chosen property with care and respect at all times. Property Guardianship provides you with the opportunity to choose a living space from a wide variety of buildings that would otherwise be empty. In return, simply by living there, you secure the property for the Owner, giving them peace of mind.

If any problems arise, you report them to us, and we ensure they’re sorted out promptly. Guardians are placed in a living space on a temporary License Agreement NOT an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (A.S.T). This means there are no long term contracts, and only short 28 day notice periods when you need to move.

Guardian Guidelines