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Head Property Guardians’ Pizza Night

Living in a house share property brings with it lots of perks, but at the same time having multiple house mates can sometimes create a few tensions. In order to keep our house shares running smoothly and harmoniously, we often place Head Property Guardians into properties. Head Guardians take on additional responsibilities, they liaise closely with DEX’s Guardian Management Team, reporting any issues promptly and assists with monthly inspections of the site.

Head Guardians are experienced Property Guardians, they have normally been with DEX for a few years, building up a good relationship with DEX’s Guardian Management Team. The work they do for us is incredibly valuable, they are our eyes and ears in our larger properties and in order for the relationship to work smoothly it is key that good communication is maintained.

That is why we have started to hold Head Guardian meet ups, where we can discuss any issues, review Head Guardian duties and air any ongoing concerns. The first was held at the end on June over pizza and wine in central London and a great time was had by all. Head Guardians and members of DEX’s Guardians and Property Management teams were present and it was great for everyone to get to know each other and catch up in an informal setting.

We are always looking for Head Guardians as we get more large house share properties. If you feel you are an experienced Property Guardian, ready to take the next in securing and protecting empty property then let a member of the DEX Guardian Management Team know – we would love to have you along at our next meet up!

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