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Preventing Condensation and Mould in Your Home

Stay ahead of winter's damp grip – ventilate, clean vents, and tackle mould promptly to ensure a warm and mould-free home this season.
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6 Tips For A Cosy Autumnal Abode

September offers the perfect opportunity to create a cosy, inspiring space for the fall season. As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it’s ...
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Apps for Property Guardians

Shared Living Apps - Our ultimate guide to the best apps for property guardians
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Property Guardian Gardens

Property Guardian Gardens – Tips on Getting Them Spring Ready

Many property guardian properties (even the inner-city ones) come with outdoor space which guardians are responsible for looking after and maintaining. Spring is the perfect ...
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Property Guardianship provides a solution for Gen Z & Millennials’ Hit Hard Financially By COVID-19

According to research carried out by SpareRoom, one in four people aged between 18-40 have been forced to borrow money as a direct result of ...
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Save thousands on property costs post-pandemic with DEX

As things return to the new “normal” post-pandemic, the UK government have unsurprisingly reversed plans to launch a campaign encouraging a mass migration of workers ...
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London Hotspots Where Property Guardians Save over 50% on Monthly Accommodation Costs

Revealed: The London hotspots where property guardians are saving up to 60% on monthly accommodation costs It’s no secret that rising accommodation costs in the ...
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Property Guardianship Benefits

9 Benefits of Being a Property Guardian

With 4 in 10 Londoners considering leaving the capital due to spiralling housing costs, Property Guardianship is offering a new, affordable alternative to renting.   ...
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