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2024 Spring Budget: Addressing The Housing Crisis

Explore the 2024 Spring Budget's impact on the housing crisis, and how solutions like property guardianship provide interim relief and sustainable housing.
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Housing Crisis

Thriving in 2024: Navigating a Changing Housing Market

Maximise your living experience: embrace budgeting, sustainability, and community as a Property Guardian
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How To Manage Vacant Commercial Property

Elevate your property management strategy to address the surging vacancy rates in commercial properties across the UK.
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Empty School Buildings Rise As Primary School Enrolment Drops By 16.6%

Empty public buildings, such as schools, are attractive to vandals & squatters - Property Guardians protect the property whilst providing affordable housing.
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The Important Role Of DEX Reps In Our Houseshares

DEX Reps help our larger property guardian house shares running smoothly and harmoniously - DEX Reps, our Head Guardian Team.
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Guardianship: Solving the Housing Crisis by Addressing Vacancy

How property guardians can be part of the housing crisis solution - turning empty property into affordable, flexible housing.
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Cost of Living Crisis and the Rise of Property Guardians

2020 -2021 saw some 32,000 people apply to become property guardians in the UK, but according to a recent BBC article* that figure is set ...
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Save thousands on property costs post-pandemic with DEX

As things return to the new “normal” post-pandemic, the UK government have unsurprisingly reversed plans to launch a campaign encouraging a mass migration of workers ...
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secure empty property

Empty Building Warning Issued, As Summer Holidays See An Increase In Urban Exploration.

Officials warn of the dangers of trespasses entering derelict or empty buildings over the summer months and the legal implication this can have on Property ...
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vacant property services

Tomorrow’s FM – On Guard

Property Guardians offer owners an alternative to traditional security in empty commercial properties, writes Rogier Donkersloot, Managing Director and Founder of DEX Property Management, provider ...
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