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5 Ways to Maximise Your Space

As a property guardian, saving money is a major perk. Whether your temporary digs are compact or more spacious, it’s smart to make the most of your space. We’ve rounded up five ways to maximise your space to help you create an efficient, organised, and welcoming living setup. Read on to find out how to make the most of your digs.


Don’t let storage shortages cramp your style. Get creative with smart storage hacks like ottoman benches with interior storage, wall-mounted shelving units to utilise vertical space, and sturdy plastic bins to corral anything from clothes to hobby gear.

Home office space with two computers on desk and shelves to the left


Why settle for single-use furnishings? Multipurpose pieces like futons, sofa beds, and kitchen carts that add prep space do double-duty to maximise your square footage. The more a piece can multitask, the better.


While you may have more room to spread out, avoid the packrat trap. Stay on top of decluttering to keep your living area feeling open and clutter-free. Edit down possessions regularly using a minimalist mindset – only keeping items you truly need or bring you joy.


Potted plants and greenery make any space feel homier and more alive. Low-maintenance succulents, ivy, and snake plants are ideal options if you don’t have a green thumb. Or go all out with your favourite blossoms and greenery if tending plants is your thing!


Get handy and craft custom, space-maximising solutions on a budget. Repurpose bookcases as room dividers, mount racks or shelves to the walls, or build your own multipurpose furnishings. With some DIY ingenuity, you can hack your space into an ultra-efficient, personalised oasis.

Two plant boxes with one vase in between on the ground

So here you go, five ways  to maximise your space. Whether your property guardian abode is petite or more generously sized, a few smart strategies can help you feel right at home without compromising on organisation or style. Get creative and make it your own!

5 Ways to Maximise Your Space

Man potting a plant at his desk