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Have you got ‘Flex’ Appeal?

What is a Flexible Property Guardian?

A Flexible Property Guardian or ‘Flex’ as we often refer to them as, is a temporary Guardian, who secures a property for DEX on a short-term basis. Often while we prepare a new property for full Guardian occupation.

When we take on a new property, we often need to ensure it is secure within 24 hours. To do so, we place a ‘Flex Guardian’ from a pool of current, experienced DEX Guardians. These trusted Guardians temporarily live in the new property to ensure it is protected, while it is made ready for other Guardians to move in.

Who are Flexible Property Guardians?

Our pool of flexible Guardians are made up of current Guardians who have been with DEX Property Management for a number of years and can be trusted to take on extra Guardian responsibilities. DEX Flex Guardians have experience securing empty property and are happy to provide extra protection on a flexible basis.

What about my current Guardian Property?

Don’t worry, while you are flexing, we keep your room available, so once your flexing assignment comes to an end you are free to move back into your current property or room.

Do you get paid?

Yes, you do. In most cases we pay you to be a flex Guardian and for securing the empty property for us. Usually you are paid per night you stay and secure the property.

What are the benefits of being a Flex?

As well as making some extra money from flexing, there are other benefits. Often while we get the property prepared you have the whole property to yourself. You get to live in different, unique buildings and get to explore new neighbourhoods in the process.

What are the requirements?

The main requirement to become a ‘DEX Flex’ is that you are currently registered with DEX Property Management and that you have experience in securing empty property. Normally you will have been a Property Guardian for at least a year.

How long is a Flex Assignment?

The length of stay can vary from a few days to a few months. Usually a Flex assignment is a couple of weeks.

How can I become a Flex Guardian?

Think Flex Guardianship could be for you and fancy joining DEX’s pool of ‘Flexes’? Email us at hello@dexpropertymanagement and we will keep you up-to-date with our flex opportunities.

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