Property Guardianship combines affordable accommodation with ensuring that empty properties are protected.  You will have a room in a property for a great price and by simply by living there, you will secure the property for the owner.

How to Become a Property Guardian?

To be considered as a DEX Property Guardian, you will need to meet some basic criteria and provide us with some documentation.

Required Documentation:

  • Proof of ID (valid passport or driving license)
  • At least 12 months employment history
  • Written references from previous landlord & employer
  • Proof of income (at least 3 months bank statements or wage slips)
  • Proof of current address ( i.e utility bill)

All Applicant Criteria:

  • Over 18
  • Full Time Employment
  • No Children Under 18
  • No Pets
  • Responsible
  • Flexible

Guardian Licence Agreement

Being a property guardian is slightly different from a traditional tenancy agreement and as a result so are your rights and responsibilities. We will explain this all to you in more detail in your induction process, but the key difference is that we operate under a licence agreement, meaning both parties can terminate the agreement with 28 days’ notice. If you should wish to carry on, we’ll do our upmost to find you new low-cost accommodation when your agreement comes to an end.

There are also a few house rules which we expect guardians to live by, to make sure property is protected, again we will run through this in more detail at your induction.

The DEX Guardian Process

If you believe you meet all the requirements to be a property guardian set out above, then applying is really simple.

1. Register

Registering is easy. Simply fill in the online application form on the registration page or contact the office to speak to one of our knowledgeable members of staff.

Application Form

2. Find Properties

A DEX guardian manager will contact you and conduct a very short telephone interview to ensure you meet the requirements. They will also discuss the available properties in your preferred location.

Available Properties

3. Face-to-Face Interview

The next step is to come to one of our offices where a DEX Guardian Manager will conduct an interview where they make sure that you meet all the requirements. They are there to answer all of your questions so please don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want.

4. Viewing

After a successful interview you will be given the opportunity to view the property and meet your fellow guardians.

5. Move-In

Once everything is approved, contracts will be signed and financial matters will be handled. After the payment of the deposit and fees, the keys to your new living space are handed over and you are welcomed into the DEX guardian family.