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Case Study – Low Risk Vs High Reward

Every empty property, whether residential, commercial or industrial is vulnerable to the risk of squatting, vandalism & unreported maintenance issues, as well as incurring high costs to board up or secure by traditional security guard measures.

Our results of Property Guardianship speak for themselves. Here’s just one example:

Read more details below on how we saved one client huge amounts on security costs, with zero fees, by placing Property Guardians in their vacant property.


As a former care home, the property should already have had a lot of the infrastructure in place to meet the HMO requirements for toilets and kitchens. The property still required showers to be installed and another kitchen. As the works were extensive, we abided by our 10 working days completion plan until we had the property up and running.

As with many empty properties, the client’s main concerns were antisocial behaviour and risk of squatting. They required a solution to be set up as the major deterrent and for the property to be looked after – Property Guardianship was that solution.


From the initial inspection, the property did not cover the necessary HMO requirements, therefore DEX organised and installed the temporary showers at no cost to the Owner. We also installed another kitchen to maximise the accommodation and in turn, the security.

During the 10 working days required to bring the property to a habitable standard, DEX’s Guardian Manager, lined up potential Guardians and let them view the property to create the interest.


As Guardians were shown around the property prior to its completion, this lead to having a number of Guardians ready to move in.

The property is still under DEX management and will remain on a monthly rolling contract until the client finds a new use for the site. The purpose is to give the client peace of mind that the property will be secured and knowing that we will help facilitate the future use.


Since occupation, the property has had 80% occupation throughout the management term.

The DEX Property Management team remains constantly available to address all maintenance issues and place new Guardians into the property when required.

This is just one of our examples. We have many different types of properties under our successful management using Property Guardian services, as well as other security options.

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