Plac­ing Property Guardians into vacant commercial buildings can help mit­i­gate emp­ty prop­er­ty busi­ness rates, as well as make sig­nif­i­cant sav­ings on insur­ance premiums.

Empty buildings are at greater risk of squatters, criminal damage and asset stripping. As a result, they are often subject to higher insurance premiums. DEX Property Management helps owners of vacant commercial buildings reduce their empty building insurance costs through placing Property Guardians into a property, providing greater protection of the vacant building and changing the status of the property.

Unoccupied properties are often excluded by insurers. Most standard insurance policies only temporarily cover unoccupied buildings while they are vacant during minor renovation work or changeover periods. Long term empty property requires specialist empty property insurance to cover and protect against vacant risks. This specialist insurance can be very costly.

How Property Guardians Help

DEX Property Guardians service offers a viable means to minimise vacant property risks, which often results in lower buildings insurance for our clients.

DEX Property Guardians protect and secure the property on a 24-hour basis. Property owners aren’t required to drain down, board up or regularly inspect the property for leaks or antisocial activity. Property Guardians protect the property around the clock, ensure it is visibly lived in and have access to DEX’s in-house 24/7 maintenance team should any issues arise.

DEX Property Management has individual named Property Guardian insurance, with liability of up to £10,000,000 per Guardian. This covers both bodily injury and property damage.

Insurance companies appreciate that having Property Guardians in place ensures the property is more secure that when using traditional security methods. DEX Property Management carry out full risk assessments prior to moving Property Guardians into the property, including fire, gas, electrical safety checks.

Next Steps

If you have prop­er­ty that is cur­rent­ly or soon-to-be vacant, we would be happy to discuss how Property Guardianship can help you mit­i­gate busi­ness rates liability and lower vacant property insur­ance premiums. Call one of our empty property experts 0800 0855 994 or email