Having a visible presence in and around vacant property or empty sites is a proven security method and provides an effective deterrent against vandalism, theft and anti-social behaviour.

In addition to our Property Guardians, DEX are able to provide security guard service and patrols on premises, at the times and frequencies that suit you. We work with a trusted and fully accredited third party to provide a temporary, seasonal or more permanent security guard services. DEX Security Guards act as your eyes and ears on the ground and are able to constantly update and inform you about the security and safety of your premises.

  • All security guards used by DEX are fully vetted and hold SIA licenses.
  • DEX Security Guards are available at times and frequencies that suit your needs.
  • Our guards are available short notice and we can have a site fully secured within 24 hours.
  • Our security guard solution provides a rapid and effective response if antisocial or criminal activity occurs.

If you would like further information about DEX’s Security Guard Service, or you would like to request a free, no obligation assessment of your empty space or property please contact us today on 0800 0855 994 or email propertyowners@dexpropertymanagement.co.uk.

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