DEX prides itself on its indus­try-lead­ing vet­ting and selec­tion process – ensur­ing the integrity of every Property Guardian living in a DEX managed property.

DEX has over 1000 Guardians, many of which are key workers. They are fully vetted, working professionals and they all undergo a 3 stage Property Guardian Vetting Process before they are placed.

  • 1. Vetting Checks – All Property Guardians must earn a minimum of £16k. They must complete British standard referencing, a criminal record and identity checks, have no adverse credit history.
  • 2. Face-to-Face Interview – All Property Guardians are interviewed to agree suitability and sign code of conduct and license agreement.
  • 3. Induction – All Property Guardians are given a full induction including fire and health safety.

1. Vetting Checks

Once applying to be a Property Guardian via our website, a prospective Guardian must meet our initial criteria.  If they are approved, the applicant will then be asked to fill in a more extensive Property Guardian Vetting Process, which will include personal background checks and references. All potential Guardians must meet the following criteria and provide the following information:

  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Be in full time employment and be able to evidence a regular income over the last 3 months
  • Have a valid bank account and reference
  • Have a full UK passport or a valid residence permit
  • Provide proof of current address
  • Provide a written reference from a previous landlord
  • Provide a character reference from a professional individual (non-family member) who has known them for over two years
  • Provide a written reference from an employer or regular client if they are self employed
  • Have no pets or other animals on the premises
  • Have no dependent children
  • Agree not to smoke or hold parties within the buildings
  • Declare any criminal records (DEX can carry out a DBS/CRB check)
  • Agree not to have more than two visitors on site at any one time who are not permitted to stay overnight.

All DEX Property Guardians are vetted to the highest possible level. At the request of the client, Property Guardians will be required to undergo a DSB, Disclosure Barring Service (formerly CRB) check.

2. Face-to-Face Interview

Before a DEX Property Guardian moves into a property they will be interviewed by Skype, at our office and/or over the phone.

Inviting the applicant to interview serves many purposes. First and foremost, it gives us the opportunity to explain, in detail, what is expected of them as a DEX Property Guardian. We explain that as a  Guardian they will be signing a licence to occupy and not a tenancy agreement. It also gives the Property Guardian an opportunity to to ask any further questions before they sign the agreement and our terms and conditions to say they fully understand.

3. Induction

All DEX Property Guardians will go through and be provided with a copy of the DEX Property Management Guardian Guidelines. This handbook clearly states the rules, regulations and standards that each Property Guardian should adhere to at all times.

In addition, the Guardian Guidelines set out the health and safety requirements and actions required in case of an emergency. All Property Guardians are provided with the 24-hour DEX emergency number, to report an issues or emergency repairs.

Equal Opportunities

DEX is an equal opportunity company and as long as all the Property Guardian vetting process criteria is met, then all applicants are accepted without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or national origin.