DEX Property Management is an international organisation specialising in managing and protecting vacant properties and large-scale regeneration projects.


We offer a wide range of innovative and bespoke property management solutions to our clients from Property Guardianship through to traditional security. We have a full UK presence spanning multiple sites.

Significant Cost Savings

Traditional security costs associated with vacant property can be significant, the average annual cost of a 24 hour security guard is in excess of £100,000. Last year alone DEX Property Management saved over £6.5 million on static security costs for their customers.

Cost Saving Case Study


Empty properties are at significant risk from squatters, vandalism and theft. Our Guardians act as a deterrent. They offer greater protection compared to traditional security methods and are much more cost effective.

Building Care

We pride ourselves on taking great care of the buildings we secure. DEX’s in-house maintenance team and specialist contractors fully fit out the buildings to make them habitable, manage the building on a 24/7 basis, and provide regular building maintenance checks.


DEX has over 1000 Guardians. They are fully vetted, working professionals and they all undergo rigorous checks including face-to-face assessments before we place them into our client’s properties.