The Property Guardian solution is the most effective way to reduce costs, risks and complexities associated with managing vacant properties.


Void properties are at significant risk from damage, theft and intruders, which can result in expensive repairs and hidden costs. Old methods of protecting against such threats can be costly and often fail to deliver fully, which is why the Property Guardian service is the fastest-growing vacant property solution.

Why Choose DEX

DEX Property Management was established in 2009 to give Property Owners a new, and innovative way to protect their properties from the risk of vacancy.  DEX is a founding member of the Property Guardian Providers Association and is one of the leading Property Guardian providers within UK.

Our Guardians remain with us for a long time and through DEX have lived, worked and protected many properties. All of our staff are fully trained so we can continuously provide the highest standard that our clients have come to expect from us. Our clients would describe us as an experienced company to work with, as well as being – professional, flexible and extremely reliable.

The Process

Registering your property with DEX Property Management couldn’t be easier. Our experienced Account Managers will be able to guide you through the whole process, and depending on your requirements, could be protected within a matter of hours.

1. Site Visit


Once you contact DEX Property Management we will arrange for one of our in-house property experts to come along and visit your site.

Desk with stats, computer and drink

2. Proposal


DEX will prepare a bespoke property protection proposal, reviewing how to prepare the building for Guardians.

3. Fit Out


DEX’s in-house maintenance teams and specialist contractors set about making the property habitable.

4. Place Guardians


Once the property is ready DEX will carefully select high-quality, extensively vetted Guardians to protect your empty building.

5. Fully Protected


Property Guardians move into the vacant property, providing full protection from associated threats.

6. Timely Hand Back


We provide full management of your property and deliver vacant possession upon request.

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DEX is a leading Property Guardian Provider – Contact us today and discover how DEX Property Management can help reduce costs and risk associated with your empty property.

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