Efficient and effective Property Guardian protection – fully secure your empty property at zero cost.

The Property Guardian protection concept is simple – We secure empty properties and regeneration projects on behalf of property owners and convert them into unique, temporary living spaces. We then make these spaces available for people to live in, on a flexible and affordable basis, in exchange for securing and protecting the property.

Security is one of the biggest challenges facing owners of empty property. Whether property is commercial or residential, there’s no doubt that unused buildings or those awaiting refurbishment are vulnerable to anti-social behaviour, squatters and dilapidation. Boarding up property can be unfavourable and can have a negative effect on the local community and the surrounding area. Additionally, there’s the issue that unused buildings often deteriorate in condition if left vacant for a long period of time. Traditional property security can be expensive, DEX Guardians offer a cost effective and flexible solution.

Types of Property

DEX Property Management offers a service that is highly flexible and bespoke. We can manage all types of residential and commercial property including flats, schools, hospitals, offices, churches, care homes and much more. The DEX Property Management protection method can be applied to all types of buildings, as long as the property meets the following basic criteria:

• Basic facilities are active
• Electricity and water are active
• The property is water and wind proof
• Structurally sound

The Benefits Using DEX’s Property Guardian Solution

Huge Cost Savings
Securing empty property can cost £100,000’s per year. DEX’s Property Guardian protection is provided at zero cost, delivering significant savings to property owners.

Building Security
Empty properties are at constant risk from squatters, vandalism and theft. Guardians offer greater protection compared to traditional security methods.

Turn Risk into Revenue
Not only are DEX’s Property Guardians provided at zero cost to the property owner, but in many cases can even provide a revenue opportunity. Depending on the project we often able to pay cash back per Property Guardian in situ.

Property Maintenance
DEX Property Guardians, along with our maintenance team, ensure the property is well maintained, helping improve appearance and retain value.

Health & Safety
We follow a comprehensive Safety Management Plan on all our buildings. We can carry out full fire, electrical and gas assessments and certification.

Vacant Possession
We can provide vacant possession in just 28 days. We will ensure the property is made available to you in its original condition – if not better.

Reduce Insurance Premiums
DEX’s Property Guardian protection offers a viable means to minimise vacant property risks, which often results in lower buildings insurance for our clients.

Fully Vetted Guardians
We have over 1000 carefully selected and vetted Property Guardians, who benefit from the opportunity to enjoy spacious, communal & affordable housing.

Community and Accountability
Boarded up, buildings are a magnet for antisocial behaviour and squatters. They are also vulnerable to maintenance issues and dilapidation, which can become an eyesore and nuisance for local residents. Property Guardians ensure the property is kept in meaningful use, benefitting the whole community and surrounding area.

Do you have a empty property that needs securing? Property Guardian Protection can guarantee to save you money and provide an extra level of security compared traditional security costs. Call us on 0800 0855 994