DEX’s Property Guardian service is provided at zero cost to property owners. As well as providing a cost effective way to keep your vacant prop­er­ty safe and secure it can also, in many cases, provide a revenue opportunity.


Every empty property, whether residential, commercial or industrial is vulnerable to the risk of squatting, vandalism and unreported maintenance issues. Traditional security methods are expensive and boarded up property can be an eye-sore for the local community, attracting anti-social behaviour. Property Guardians bring empty property back into meaningful use. They reduce vacant risks and turn what would be a security cost into an income stream.

Depending on the size of the project, the location and other key factors, DEX offer cash back per Property Guardian in situ. This is often paid as a percentage share of the fee payable by the occupying Property Guardian. An experienced DEX Account Managers will be able to offer a bespoke property protection proposal. In addition to reviewing how Property Guardians would best secure your empty building, it will also offer a breakdown of the proposed rebate and give an indication to the income Property Guardians would generate.

Make Money From Empty Property

If you have empty prop­er­ty and want to discuss how it could help generate money instead of costing money a member of our team would be happy to offer advice. Con­tact us for a chat today on 0800 0855 994 or email the team on