Urban redevelopment and estate regeneration projects require huge amounts of planning and coordination. Planning processes can be unpredictable, delays can be costly, and empty property can pose a significant risk.

Property Guardians can help ensure development projects run in an efficient, timely and fair manner.  DEX Guardian’s can help facilitate a faster sale or development process and allow for a smoother, more flexible transition to deliver vacant possession. In addition Property Guardians significantly reduce vacant risks and turn what would be a security cost into a revenue opportunity.

Managed Decant

Implementing a managed decant strategy can be a complex and delicate process. DEX Property Guardians have helped many Housing Associations,  councils and other organisations manage large scale decant projects. As properties become empty, DEX are able to move Property Guardians in, securing the premise with immediate effect. DEX Property Guardians live side-by-side with residents until the property has been fully decanted.

Property Access

Throughout the redevelopment process, DEX is able to provide constant access to the site. If the client needs one of their own contractors, representatives or agents to gain access this can be done freely, helping to facilitate a more efficient development process or sale. We have previously been able to facilitate community meetings onsite, to assist with the planning process and gain local buy-in to the redevelopment project and plans.

Security and Maintenance

Boarded up buildings awaiting refurbishments or regeneration are susceptible to break-ins, structural damage and squatting. Property Guardians can help to mitigate building damage and ensure the property is well maintained.

Our in-house maintenance team is able to carry out minor maintenance and ground maintenance on a scheduled and reactive basis. Where necessary we utilise approved contractors to carry out specialist work, although we always take care to seek permission from the client before doing so.

Vacant Position

Because all DEX Guardians sign a licence to occupy agreement, rather than a tenancy agreement, we are able to hand back the property, fully vacant within a 28 day notice period.

Community and Accountability

As the UK is going through a housing crisis many of our clients could benefit from demonstrating accountability for their empty property. Void, boarded up, buildings are a magnet for antisocial behaviour and squatters. They are also vulnerable to maintenance issues and dilapidation, which can become an eyesore and nuisance for local residents. This isn’t preferable when you are currently going through a planning consultation period and want to ensure the local community is engaged with your future plans. Property Guardians ensure the property is kept in meaningful use, benefitting individuals and the whole community.

Transferring Service

If the property is being sold as part of the regeneration process, DEX are able to offer a transferring service to the property’s future owners. This ensures the property remains protected until its new use is complete. As all Guardians sign a licence to occupy, they hold no tenancy rights and the property will remain on a monthly rolling contract until the new client is ready to redevelop the site.

Are you about to undertake a urban redevelopment or estate regeneration project? Con­tact us to find out how we can help you manage the process smoothly, reducing costs, delays and complexities. Call us on 0800 0855 994 or email propertyowners@dexpropertymanagement.co.uk