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Empty buildings are vulnerable to squatting and break-ins, and boarded up property is an eye sore that can attract anti-social behaviour, negatively impacting the whole community.

Property Guardianship brings property back into use whilst giving young professionals, key-workers and creatives a chance to live more affordably.

Providing Affordable Housing

We utilise otherwise empty buildings and transform them into affordable and safe housing solutions for property guardians to live and thrive in. Instead of sitting empty property is brought back into meanwhile use, giving individuals a chance to live more affordably while they save for their own house, progress up the career ladder or pursue other ambitions.

Guardian Community

At DEX we carefully and extensively vet all our property guardians, resulting in a socially responsible, professional and trusted community that supports and give back to the local area.

Rejuvenate Neighbourhoods

Empty, boarded up buildings are an eye sore to the local community and can attract antisocial behaviour. Placing trusted property guardians into an empty building, brings them back into meaningful use, positively impacting the local neighbourhood.  

Still have some questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions if you still have some questions around property guardianship and if its right for you.
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