DEX’s Property Guardian service – Protecting empty property against the risks of vacancy.


The innovative and cost effective solution we offer here at DEX is to place our carefully vetted, reliable and trustworthy Property Guardians within your property on a temporary basis, (our Property Guardians hold no tenancy rights), until such time that the property is brought back into use, sold or demolished stage.

Immediate 24hrs Protection

Unlike traditional security measures, our Property Guardian service requires no start-up costs for Property Owners and can start at very short notice.

We are able to place a ‘Flex Guardian’ into a property, normally within 24 hours while we prepare the house for full Property Guardian occupation.

There is often some work required to make the property habitable.  We normally can safely say we have Property Guardian occupation and the property secure within a maximum of 10 working days.

Types Of Property

DEX Property Management offers a service that is highly flexible and bespoke.  We can manage all types of property including flats, schools, hospitals, offices, churches, care homes and much more. The DEX Property Management protection method can be applied to all types of buildings, as long as the property meets the following basic criteria:

  • Basic facilities are active
  • Electricity and water are active
  • The property is water and wind proof

Temporary Facilities

As some commercial buildings are not set up for residential use, DEX can install temporary facilities, which include; shower pods and portable cooking appliances. These are all temporary and will be removed before the property is returned.

Change of use consent will not be necessary because your building still retains in its original use. It is just being protected by Guardians during the vacancy period pending sale, lease, conversion or demolition.

Fully Vetted Guardians

DEX has over 1000 Guardians, many of which are key workers. They are fully vetted, working professionals and they all undergo a 3 stage vetting process before they are placed.

  • Face-to-Face Interview – All Property Guardians are interviewed to agree suitability and sign code of conduct and license agreement.
  • Vetting Checks – All Property Guardians must earn a minimum of £16k. They must complete British standard referencing, a criminal record and identity checks, have no adverse credit history.
  • Induction – All Property Guardians are given a full induction including fire and health safety.


As part of DEX’s Property Guardian Service we are responsible for day-to-day and reactive maintenance of the property while it is in our care. While major elements of work would remain the responsibility of the owner, DEX have an in-house maintenance team on-hand, and where necessary utilise approved contractors to carry out specialist work, although we always take care to seek permission from the client before doing so.

As well as offering ongoing maintenance as required all our buildings and spaces are inspected regularly. As part of our Property Guardian service we offer monthly inspections and detailed regular reports on your property. We always return the property in a clean, clear secure state – in many cases it is returned in a better state that we received it.

Timely Handover

When one of our clients wants their vacant property back, DEX ensures that there is a fast and reliable handover from our Property Guardians. We have a close relationship with our Property Guardians and are in constant contact with them to ensure they are always fully aware of what is going on with a property.

Our standard notice period is just 28 days. We will ensure the property is made available to you in its original condition. In many cases the building will be in a better condition than when our Guardians initially moved in. Our Property Guardians will have another property lined up for them, so vacant possession is assured.