Empty Property is at risk from squatters, vandalism and theft. Property Guardians offer greater building security and protection compared to traditional security methods.

Security is a huge challenge to owners of vacant property. Empty buildings are vulnerable to squatters and break-ins, boarded up property negatively effects the local community and unused buildings often deteriorate in condition if left vacant for a long period of time.

Traditional methods of protection can be expensive and often prove unreliable. DEX Property Guardians offer an effective alternative, they provide greater protection and often at zero cost to the property owner.

Property Guardians Secure Against Vacant Risks

  • Squatting
    Squatting in a residential property is a criminal offence, whereas squatting in a commercial/un-residential property is seen as a civil offence, making it harder to evict trespassers. Property Guardians deter squatters and can give temporary residential status, providing greater legal protection around squatting.
  • Vandalism/Arson
    Not only is vandalism unsightly for local communities, but it also costs property owners and local councils thousands to remove. Preventing vandalism and damage to property where possible (by taking precautionary measures such as placing Guardians in properties) can save time and money in the long run.
  • Antisocial Behaviour
    Empty property can quickly become a hub of antisocial behaviour and criminal activity, including fly-tipping, drug dealing and even cannabis farms. Such activities negatively impact on local community. Having Property Guardians in situ provides a greater level of security and protection.
  • Asset Stripping
    Property owners need to ensure their empty properties are protected from the rise in asset stripping and metal thefts. The Office for National Statistics reports that metal theft alone is estimated to cost the UK economy £770m per year. Property Guardians offer the greatest level of security
  • Depreciation
    If property remains empty for too long, its condition will start to decline. It will become susceptible to water leaks and other damage and its value will start to depreciate. Property Guardians maintain the property and ensure it is kept in a good condition.

Traditional Security Costs

Securing empty property using traditional building security methods can cost £100,000 per year. DEX Property Guardians are provided at zero cost delivering significant savings to property owners.

The Property Guardian Solution

Property Guardianship provides a proactive approach to securing empty property. Allowing property Guardians to live in a vacant property helps to strengthen entry points against intruders, keeps a steady stream of people around the property and ensures buildings are not visibly empty.

Property security is significantly enhanced when using Property Guardians. DEX’s Guardian service delivers…

  • Great level of building security and legal protection.
  • A proactive and preventative security solution.
  • Security against antisocial behaviour and criminal activity.
  • Protection from maintenance issues and asset depreciation.
  • Savings of up to 100% compared to traditional security costs.
DEX are always available to discuss and advise on empty property protection. Our team are able to carry out full site assessments to identify possible risks on your empty premises and advice on adequate building security solutions.