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Property Maintenance

At DEX, we pride ourselves on taking great care of the properties we secure. From getting the building habitable to round the clock maintenance, our dedicated in-house teams ensure the property is well cared for on a 24/7 basis.

Fitting out a Property

DEX’s in-house team are able to turn most properties into habitable spaces for Property Guardian to live. All that we ask is that a building is able to provide running water and electricity and that the property is water and windproof. DEX will do the rest.

Many of our commercial buildings are not set up for residential use, so DEX will install temporary facilities, including shower pods and portable cooking appliances. These are all temporary and will be removed before the property is returned. This is often done at zero cost to the client and our experienced team will aim to get most properties fit for guardians within 10 days of inspection.

Health and safety

Before we take over the management of your empty property, we ensure that all health and safety, environmental and security issues are managed, and we complete a comprehensive Safety Management Plan. This can include;

Monthly Inspections

DEX carry out monthly inspections on all properties and are able to provide property owners with a bespoke, monthly inspection report as part of our service.

Regular inspections help ensure all safety procedures are being adhered to and any maintenance issues are highlighted. All minor maintenance and ground maintenance work is carried out by DEX Property Management, in the majority of cases at no cost the Property Owner.

In House Maintenance

DEX is responsible for day-to-day and reactive maintenance of the property while it is in our care. While major elements of work would remain the responsibility of the owner, DEX have an in-house maintenance team on-hand to carry out daily maintenance tasks. Where necessary DEX will utilise approved contractors to carry out specialist work, although we always take care to seek permission from the client before doing so.

Emergency Maintenance

All Property Guardians are given access to DEX’s 24-hour phone number and one of our Property Managers is always contactable if there is an emergency. If something was to go wrong at a property, such as a burst water pipe, then our Property Guardians able to report this, at any hour. If the repair is deemed an emergency, one of our subcontractors will be sent to the property to make good the repair immediately.

Head Guardians

In larger, house share properties, DEX Property Management appoints Head Guardians. Head Guardians live in the property and their responsibilities are to keep a watchful eye on fellow Property Guardians, be the point of contact for organising maintenance work and access to the property. They report back to DEX on a weekly basis.


DEX Property Management are able to provide constant access to the property, helping to facilitate a more efficient planning and development process. If the client or one of their own contractors, agents or representatives wants to gain access to the property this is always facilitated.

Still have some questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions if you still have some questions around property guardianship and if its right for you.
Or speak to a member of our team – they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.