DEX Property Management provides a number of products and services to give owners of vacant property complete protection, reducing risks, maintaining assets and maximising value.

Security is the number one challenge facing owners of vacant property. Whether property is commercial or residential, there’s no doubt that unused buildings or those awaiting refurbishment are vulnerable to squatters and break-ins. Boarding up property can also be unfavourable and can have a negative effect on the local community and the surrounding area. Additionally, there’s the issue that unused buildings often deteriorate in condition if left vacant for a long period of time. Traditional property security can be expensive, Property Guardians offer an alternative solution.

All of our products and services are designed to add extra value to our core offering, which is to provide industry-leading Property Guardian protection for vacant property.

Securing your property through occupation provides a highly effective solution and it is at zero cost to the property owner – in some cases, it can even provide a revenue. If you would like further information about how Property Guardians could help protect an empty property you own or manage please email