Vacant property security can be very expensive. DEX Property Guardians deliver significant savings to property owners at zero cost.

Managing, maintain and securing empty property using traditional methods can be expensive. Yet empty properties are at significant risk from squatters, vandalism and theft. Property Guardians act as a deterrent. They offer greater protection compared to traditional vacant property security methods and come at zero cost making then the most cost-effective solution.

Security Guards

Average saving using Property Guardians – £100,000 per year

Traditional security guards can be hugely expensive, with one 24/7 security guard costing upwards of £100,000 per year. Property Guardians act as a security guard. They live in the building and act as your eyes and ears on the ground. They ensure the building is still visibility occupied and secure entry points against intruders around the clock. They do this for free, in return for low-cost accommodation.

Boarding-Up Property

Average saving using Property Guardians – £20,000 per year

Boarded up property can be costly, inefficient and an eyesore for the local community, attracting anti-social behaviour. Property Guardians are provided free of charge and ensure the property remains in meaningful use, benefitting the whole neighbourhood.

Squatted Property

Average saving using Property Guardians – £6,500+ per occurrence

If squatters invade empty commercial/un-residential property, it’s the responsibility of the owner to pick up the bill to evict them and to restore the property to its original condition. The legal fees for evicting a squatter start from about £5,000. The clean-up bill for a small commercial property, such as a pub, once squatters have left can be upwards of £1,500. For larger properties, this cost can be significantly higher. Property Guardians deter squatters and can give temporary residential status, providing greater legal protection around squatting at no extra cost.

Insurance Cost

Average saving using Property Guardians – 50%+ in insurance premiums

Unoccupied properties are often excluded by insurers. Most standard insurance policies only temporarily cover unoccupied buildings while they are vacant during minor renovation work or changeover periods. Long term empty property requires specialist empty property insurance to cover and protect against vacant risks. This specialist insurance can be very costly. Property Guardians offer a viable means to minimise vacant property risks, which often result in lower building insurance.

Maintenance cost

Average saving using Property Guardians – £3,500+ per year

Unused buildings often deteriorate in condition if left vacant for a long period of time. Unless properties are regularly checked and maintained they can be susceptible to leaks and other damage, resulting in the buildings value to depreciate. Property Guardians maintain the property for the owner at zero cost, ensuring it is kept in a good condition and its value is retained.


DEX’s Property Guardian service is provided at zero cost to property owners. As well as providing a cost-effective way to keep your vacant property safe and secure it can also, in many cases, provide a revenue opportunity. If you have prop­er­ty that is cur­rent­ly or soon-to-be-vacant, con­tact us to find out how we can help you secure your property at zero cost. Call us on 0800 0855 994 or email for more information.