Upon contract award, DEXs’ experienced property manager and the property team will visit the property to assess the building for works and facilities required in preparation for guardian occupation. The team complete a Check in Report which covers:

Current facilities in place and what should be installed to meet the HMO requirements (Kitchens, showers, toilets etc)

  • Inventory left over
  • Health and Safety Assessment
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Minimum and maximum number of guardians per building
  • Additional comments not otherwise stated.

Subject to the facilities in place on takeover, DEX will install sufficient toilets, showers and kitchens to comply with HMO regulations. DEX recognises the extension of mandatory HMO licensing due to come into force form 1st October 2018, subject to Parliamentary approval.

Guardian Visibility

DEX will strategically place guardians in occupation throughout the building e.g. the rear, sides, front, main entrance, side doors, fire exits etc. This ensures that the most vulnerable areas of the building are secured and the presence of guardians onsite is clearly visible to onlookers.

For the purposes of health, safety and welfare, DEX guardians will not be placed in any room with a fire escape or one which does not have a window or natural daylight. As many of DEX guardians are key workers this means that they tend to work shifts which assists in providing our clients or their representatives with access when required.

Guardian Management

Dedicated Guardian Management Team DEX are responsible for the management of all guardians in occupation. DEX have a dedicated Guardian Management Team who are supported by a departmental manager. The team are responsible for ensuring effective and ongoing communications with all guardians in occupation. This is achieved via email, telephone, SMS and site visits. The team is responsible for ensuring that guardians are adhering to procedure, following the guardian guidelines, resolving complaints/issues and processing matters relating to maintenance and repairs.

Property Inspections

The DEX Inspections Team carry out monthly or bi-monthly inspections at all properties. Each inspector wears a body camera on every visit to the property. In addition to scheduled inspections, the team also undertake unscheduled inspections which includes weekends.

The team are experienced in identifying any anomalies which may alert them that something is amiss. Our inspectors quickly report any issues to the Guardian Management and/or Property Management team who swiftly take the necessary action if required.

DEX operate a zero-tolerance policy and any guardians who fail to follow the required procedures are issued with a warning. This may be in the form of a verbal, written and final warning which could result in the termination of their agreement. Guardians may be instantly terminated if the situation warrants it.

Head Guardian

A Head/Principle guardian is appointed in every property under DEXs’ management. Depending on the size of the property there may be more than one onsite. The role of the head guardian is to act as the main contact for DEX and to communicate with the guardians onsite. They are the “eyes and ears” on the ground monitoring daily activities and reporting back to DEX if any issues arise. They carry out regular patrols of the property, take meter readings, report maintenance issues and assistance the Guardian Management Team in providing or coordinating access to the property for client or their representatives.

DEX are strict in managing their guardians onsite by adopting a structured and proven approach to ensuring that guardians adhere to the rules whilst in occupation.

Guardian Communication Channels

In addition to ensuring that guardians have direct access to the Guardian Management Team for support and assistance, DEX provides other channels to support open communication between guardians;

  • Maintenance Works Request Form

To ensure that our clients’ properties are maintained and guardians are satisfied with the environment in which they live, DEX provides each guardians with a Maintenance Works Request Form which enables then to report maintenance works required quickly and easily. All cases are managed by the property manager who prepares and executes a schedule of works.

  • Guardians Complaints Procedure

DEX prides itself on providing open and ongoing communication with all guardians and aims to resolve any matters which may arise as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All complaints are handled by the Operations Manager who will explore the facts of the case and handle the complaint quickly and efficiently within a view to resolving the complaint in a maximum of 3 days.

Maintenance & Repairs

DEX is responsible for day-to-day/reactive maintenance on all properties under its management. All major works remain the responsibility of the client. Minor works are defined as any works required which are small and relatively straightforward. Major works are defined as structural works to maintain the structure and infrastructure of the building e.g. wind/water tight, electricity, boiler and running water.

Guardians use the Maintenance Works Request Form to quickly and easily report any maintenance issues which may arise at the property. This is managed by the property manager who is responsible for devising the works schedule of the property team.

In the event of an emergency guardians are required to call the relevant authorities. If any emergency works are required Guardians must call the DEX 24/7 emergency helpline number which is directly linked to members of our property team.

Vacant Possession

DEX ensures that all properties under their management are returned on time and with vacant possession.

Management Reporting

DEX provide monthly management reports to ensure that clients are kept up to date of all activities at the property on a regular basis.