DEX prides itself on the quality of its guardians. Our guardians are selected by means of a three-stage selection procedure. After applying for guardianship on our website, a prospective Guardian must meet our initial criteria and then if approved, the applicant will be asked to fill in a more extensive application form in which his or her personal background will be checked. Potential guardians must provide the following information as part of the vetting process:

  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Be in full time employment and be able to evidence a regular income over the last 3 months
  • Have a valid bank account and reference
  • Have a full UK passport or a valid residence permit
  • Provide proof of current address
  • Provide a written reference from a previous landlord
  • Provide a character reference from a professional individual (non-family member) who has known them for over two years
  • Provide a written reference from an employer or regular client if they are self employed
  • Have no pets or other animals on the premises
  • Have no dependent children
  • Agree not to smoke or hold parties within the buildings
  • Declare any criminal records (DEX can carry out a CRB)
  • Agree not to have more than two visitors on site at any one time who are not permitted to stay overnight.

Once the requirements of this second stage have been met, the applicant will be interviewed by Skype, at our office and/or over the phone.

Inviting the applicant to interview serves many purposes. First and foremost, meeting an applicant in person gives us an impression of what he or she is like. During the extensive briefing that follows, we elaborate on what we expect from our Guardians and what our Guardians should expect from us. Furthermore, we discuss the contents of the questionnaire filled in by the applicant.

Induction Process

Once guardians have passed our recruitment procedures they will be fully trained and informed of the following;

  • Role and responsibilities
  • Health and safety
  • Maintaining the security of the building
  • Means of reporting incidents
  • Means of reporting building maintenance
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Evacuation procedure
  • Emergency response procedure
  • Fire safety and reaction

Guardian Checklist

Following the induction training, each guardian is provided with a checklist to ensure they are fully aware of their role as a guardian. A dedicated Guardian Manager discusses each point with the potential guardian and answers any queries he or she may have. Guardians are required to sign the checklist to confirm that they understand their role and responsibilities prior to occupation.

Guardian Guidelines & Emergency Response

All guardians are provided with a copy of the guardian guidelines and initial each page once understood. These Guidelines include a full listing of responses, procedures and relevant contact details in the event of an emergency. Such emergencies include; gas, leaks, floods, fire electrical faults and confrontation. They are also provided with a Request for Maintenance Form.

The DEX Guardians Guidelines were put into place to prevent any danger to the guardians as well as ensuring that the property is secure and a response efficient. In addition to emergency responses, the guidelines also act as a set of rules by which the guardians refer to and abide by.