DEX Property Management is committed to continual review and adaption of its activities and recognise that the work we carry out must be done so in a way to reduce any environmental impact.

Our commitment spans across different areas of our business from our waste management to carbon footprint, within our offices, maintenance activities as well as throughout our Guardians to make similar considerations.

    Waste Management
  • Minimise waste by ongoing review of activities
  • Minimise office waste by bringing as many documents online, rather than printing. Including Guardian contract signing
  • Recycling office paper and plastic waste where possible
  • Recycling printer ink cartridges responsibly
  • Use of specialist contract waste management for site clearances
  • Property bin and recycling collections for Guardians in-line with Local Councils
    Carbon Footprint
  • Efficient mapping of site visits for time and footprint reduction
  • Use of zip cars and car sharing for site visits
  • Use of public transport for site visits
  • Promoting local public transport options to new Guardians
    Energy Efficiency
  • Disconnection of unnecessary electrical circuits in properties
  • Regular meter readings and reviews to ensure suitable useage and rates
  • Different maintenance works carried out simultaneously to avoid disruption, delays and unnecessary energy useage.
  • Effective reporting procedure for guardians for any property issue regarding electricity, gas or water issues.
  • Regular inspections of every property
  • Sustainability
  • Sourcing and supporting local businesses for contract work
  • Encouraging Guardians to source furniture for properties via recycle sites
  • Health and safety policy for all employees to follow to ensure best practices and minimise risk