DEX prides itself on providing open and ongoing communication with all guardians and aims to resolve any matters which may arise as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, if a Guardian has a complaint, DEXs’ Complaints Policy is as follows;

  • To deal with complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively
  • To ensure that all complaints are recorded, monitored and resolved
  • To use complaints for the purposes of continuous improvement

DEX will keep a log of all complaints on the CRM database and be maintained and this shall include a complete record of the following information;

  • First name of complainant
  • Address
  • Date of complaint
  • Description of complaint
  • Action taken
  • Date of complaint resolution

All escalated complaints are handled by the Operations Manager who will explore the facts of the case and handle the complaint quickly and efficiently within a view to resolving the complaint in a maximum of ten working days.
In event the complaint is escalated we will follow the steps listed below.

DEX Property Management Complaints Escalation Process

Stage 1: Inform DEX Guardian Manager

The first step if a Guardian is unsatisfied or unhappy with any aspect of DEX Property Management’s service, is to raise it with directly with a DEX Guardian Manager in writing. The Guardian Manager will endeavour to work with the Guardian to resolve it quickly, ensuring that they take time to understand the issue from the Guardian’s perspective.

A record of the complaint will be made on DEX’s database and any subsequent correspondents will be recorded. The complaint will be acknowledged and respond to within two working days. DEX will remain in regular communication so the Guardian has full visibility over the complaint process throughout.

Stage 2: Escalation to Senior Management Team

If the Guardian is unsatisfied with DEX’s response at Stage 1, it will be escalated to the Business Operations Manager, who sits on the Senior Management Team.

The Guardian will be asked to write summary of why they remain unsatisfied, and what resolution they are seeking.

Again, the complaint will be acknowledged within two working days and a full investigation will commence. A written summary of the investigation and the steps taken will be sent to the Guardian within ten working days of the complaint being received.

Stage 3: Final Stage: Review by Managing Director

Should the Guardian remain unsatisfied with DEX’s investigation of the complaint and wish to further escalate the complaint further, the matter will be passed to DEX’s Managing Director.

The complaint will be acknowledged by DEX’s Managing Director within two working days. A full review of the investigation to date will commence. The Managing Director will then detail their findings and recommendations in a written response within an additional ten working days. This will be DEX Property Management’s final view on the issue.