Area Guide: Peckham

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Property Guardian Peckham – Peckham Area Guide   Peckham is located in the south east of London, in the London Borough of Southwark. It’s come a long way since Only Fools and Horse’s Del Boy and Rodney made it famous… Read more

Sustainable House Share – Property Guardianship

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Looking for sustainable house share? Property Guardianship is the ultimate recycling project – environmentally sustainable, it enables buildings to be reused and repurposed. So, it goes without saying Property Guardians are often an environmentally conscious bunch. The importance of recycling… Read more

Have you got ‘Flex’ Appeal?

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What is a Flexible Property Guardian? A Flexible Property Guardian or ‘Flex’ as we often refer to them as, is a temporary Guardian, who secures a property for DEX on a short-term basis. Often while we prepare a new property… Read more

Area Guide: Acton

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Property Guardians Acton – Area Guide Acton   Acton is a large, vibrant neighbourhood in West London, bordering Chiswick, Ealing and Shepherd’s Bush. Full of great shops, bars, restaurants and leisure facilities, Acton offers something for everyone. It boasts diverse… Read more

9 Benefits of Being a Property Guardian

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With 4 in 10 Londoners considering leaving the capital due to spiralling housing costs, Property Guardianship is offering a new, affordable alternative to renting.   It is estimated that there are currently between 7,000 and 10,000 Property Guardians across the… Read more