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Infographic – Benefits of Property Guardians for Local Councils

Property Guardians local councils - infographic

Local Councils are increasingly turning to Property Guardians as a cost effective, efficient and flexible way of securing empty commercial, residential and community property. Often turning security costs into a revenue opportunities.


Whether empty property is commercial, residential or going through a regeneration process the risk of squatting, vandalism and dilapidation remains the same. DEX Property Guardians’ mitigate such risks, and can turn what would be a security cost into a revenue opportunity, as well as providing flexibility for vacant possession

Key Findings

  • 27% of London councils currently use Property Guardians with DEX Property Management.
  • 26% of DEX’s Property Guardians are currently protecting local council property.
  • Last year DEX made local councils a revenue in excess of £200,000.

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