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Case Study – Local Council Secures Empty Care Homes

Empty Property risks

Local Council Secures Empty Care Homes Using Property Guardians

Date: December 2017 – present

Security Savings: £240,000. £120,000 per property for security guards , screens, maintenance and dilapidation.

Cost to Council: ZERO. Guardians were provided at zero cost and in addition the council receive a revenue from the service



A South London Council, approached DEX in late 2016, after taking the decision to close two, elderly residential care homes in the area.

Both properties were situated in central, residential areas. While plans were made for the development of the empty properties, there were concerns from the council and local residents of squatting, vandalism and dilapidation of the proprieties.

The council decided that Property Guardians would be the best solution to secure the properties from vacant risks, including anti-social behaviour, squatters and dilapidation. Both sites would remain in meaningful use, benefitting the whole community and providing affordable, temporary accommodation. Given the flexibility of Property Guardianship, the council would still be able to ensure vacant possession when plans for the sites had been finalised.


A DEX Account Manager inspected both properties, and both required minimal work as the basic facilities were already in situ.

In both cases, DEX installed temporary showers to ensure the properties covered the necessary HMO requirements. DEX ensured the properties were meeting health and safety requirements and ensured that the necessary certifications were in place – all at zero cost to the client.


Guardians were able to move into both properties within 10 working days. There are currently 40 Guardians in one care home and 13 in the other.

Guardians are able to secure and protect the properties 24 hours a day and report any issues to DEX Property Management. All Guardians have access to DEX’s 24-hour alert service and DEX’s in-house Maintenance Team.

DEX Guardians are carefully selected via our robust vetting process, and each property has a Head Guardian in situ who takes on additional Guardian responsibility.

DEX carry out monthly inspections of the sites and are able to provide constant access to the properties whilst they are going through planning and development processes.


In the 28 months to-date that DEX  managed the properties, the buildings have provided affordable London accommodation to 143 Property Guardians.

Property Guardians have ensured the properties have remained in meaningful use & that the sites are secure & well maintained. The properties will remain protected by DEX Guardians until the Council are ready to redevelop the sites. DEX will then hand the property back, fully vacant, within 28 days.

All of this was achieved at zero cost to the council. In addition to making significant savings compared to traditional security costs, the council receive revenue for each of the Guardians that is in situ – turning a security risk into a revenue opportunity.

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