Housing Estate Decant Using Property Guardians

Empty property security


As part of an extensive London regeneration project, a G15 housing association needed to decant a large housing estate. Because of its prominent, central location the building was classes as high risk and vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and squatting.

As the housing association rehomed tenants, DEX Property Guardians were instructed to move into the empty flats, to provide live-in empty property security in return for affordable, central rental solution.


  • As each flat became available, DEX Property Management carried out a risk assessment of the property.
  • Once the properties were certified, DEX Property Management made each flat habitable – painting, carrying out electrical/plumbing work, carpeting and supplying white goods were necessary.
  • When ready, fully vetted property guardians were placed in the property to deter antisocial behaviour and provide reassurance for existing tenants.
  • DEX Property Management carried our regular checks and maintenance of the property.


Over a 3 month period, property guardians were moved out of the flats. As each flat became free, soft stripping of that unit could begin. DEX property guardians still live in 4 of the most vulnerable flats to ensure the site remains secure until redevelopment starts. The majority of DEX property guardians have moved on to secure other properties for DEX Property Management.


  • Property guardians provided a cost effective and flexible security solution for the client throughout the decant process.
  • Rather than paying for security the housing association were able to create a revenue stream.
  • Tenants felt safer as they weren’t surrounded by empty, vulnerable property.
  • Buildings were well maintained, and antisocial behaviour was prevented, benefitting the local community.
  • An affordable rental solution was provided to 164 property guardians over a 3 year period.

Property Guardianship can save you thousands with your empty property security. As a leading Property Guardian Provider, we take the headache out of the entire process. Our trained staff are on-hand to answer any questions you may have about registering your property with DEX Property Management. Call us today on 0800 0855 994 or register your interest here.

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