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Risks involved in property vacancy

Material Damage

Leaks, frozen systems such as burst pipes and other technical problems can cause a lot of damage. Keeping in mind the material and financial consequences of arson, vandalism and burglary can be and most of the time are staggering. Lastly, squatters will always remain a constant threat to vacant properties

Non-Material Damage

Vacancy can lead to a deterioration of a building, extra costs, delays in selling, letting or demolishing it, and much unnecessary work and nuisance. Moreover, in a residential district vacancy may cause a feeling of insecurity among existing tenants.

Protecting your vacant property with Guardians, DEX Property Management acts as a safeguard against vacancy risks:

  • Squatting, illegal entry and occupation
  • Fire, caused by illegal occupation and/or short-circuiting
  • Theft and criminal damage
  • Vandalism, broken windows and graffiti
  • Fly tipping, illegal dumping of waste and vehicles
  • Illegal commercial exploitation such as parties and cannabis farms
  • Flood and storm damage
  • Public liability claims

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